Ensure results today and readiness tomorrow.

We are leading the Diamond industry's IT movement into tomorrow‘s value-enabled world. No other IT partner integrates your information so you can take action across all your products, apps and even across the website in real-time sync. Imagine the value of enabling multiple product integrations – without having to rip-and-replace or rework any of your systems.

We‘re pioneering comprehensive diamond process solutions and integrating across the different processes. We partner with you to enable smarter diamond process delivery. We also work with CMS and CRM systems.

Take a closer look at ProLance IT. Experience how our Manufacturing, Selling (Certified + Loose), Financial Account, Website and Application solutions can give you connected information and insights like never before. It‘s everything you need to confidently meet your clinical, operational and business goals.

Our Mission

To eliminate people's hard work by smart work using our great Diamond ERP System.

Our Vision

Ensure results today and readiness tomorrow.

How we started

Who we are

We live by our vision, and improving people’s working life starts with our own company and products. We’re building a platform and products we believe in – as well as a strong, diverse team of enthusiastic, passionate, creative people who want to do the best work and support each other in the process.

Our leadership includes some of the most inventive and experienced executives in the technology industry.

Careers at ProLance IT offer all kinds of opportunities and a simpler, more pleasant, more productive working life.

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